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Senin, 03 Juni 2013

Displaying Art in Your Child's Room - 6 Safety Tips

Extra care must be taken when a room that was previously used by an adult is going to be prepared for a child. Certain items like artwork may need to be removed or re-positioned in order to make the room more child-friendly. Read on for some tips to ensure your child's safety in his room.
Don't hang art next to the bed
Don't put the child's cot or bed against a wall with an art piece hanging on it. The wall that the bed is placed against should not have anything hanging on it. If there's something hung in the wall, it should be placed high enough such that it's not easily reachable. If the art is placed too low your child may be able to reach it or kick it, thus causing it to fall off, hurting himself You don't want to wake up in the middle of the night to your screaming baby just to find a half ton piece of framed art squashing him in his cot.
Avoid framing the art
To be on the safe side, it's best not to frame the art pieces. This may make the art seem poster-like, but it's better safe than sorry. A framed art piece may add unnecessary weight and may cause injury if it dislodges from the wall and falls on your child.
Choose small art pieces
If you still want to frame it, choose a light weight frame that won't weigh it down. Pick art pieces that are small in size - that way even after it's framed, it doesn't weigh a lot. Use plastic frames that are light weight. Make sure that the art piece is protected by a piece of acrylic and not glass. You can also be creative and make the frames yourself, saving money in the process.
Keep it out of reach of little hands
When hanging art on the wall, place it at the correct height so that your child can't reach it easily. Even if the art work is not framed, your child could easily reach out to it and cause damage by tearing it.
Don't display framed pictures on the shelf or table
You might have seen interior design magazines where small art pieces or pictures are framed in a photo frame and then placed on a ledge or on top of a table. Presenting art this way is creative and may be more suitable for an adult's bedroom, but avoid placing art in this way in your child's room - especially so if he's still a baby or a toddler. Again, safety is the concern here - a framed picture placed loosely on a table top could easily be flung off and sent flying across the room, accidentally or otherwise.
Don't place a mirror in your child's room
It is obvious the kind of damage or injury this could cause if it were to fall off and break. Remove all mirrors in the room - your child doesn't need them.
There you have it - some useful tips for parents to use in preparing a room for their precious little one.
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